Why should you be a member (and what do you get for $25)?

The Contempo Marin Homeowners Association represents our community of residents at the Park. While board members are volunteers and receive no pay, there are expenses to be paid for such as printing for flyers, food for hosted community events, website hosting, mailings, filings for court cases, etc. The more everyone contributes to the community, the stronger the community becomes. Residents can contribute by becoming members for $25 year, by coming to General meetings, by volunteering for any work that the Board needs done, and by serving on the Board or a committee. All these actions will strengthen our community.

Other reasons are the validity of representation by the Board and the power of solidarity behind the Board. We have seen how ELS has tried to divide us, and to the extent that 60 lots are now lost forever from being under rent control, they are succeeding! The power of the community to stand up for their rights against ELS and how successful we are in retaining our rights is all based in everyone's commitment RIGHT NOW, not based on PAST YEARS! Because of all of the people behind the HOA fighting for you for the last 7 years, you have your equity of your homes back (for now). That's a good return for $25 a year.

So for the cause of actively making the Comtempo community a strong and wonderful place to live during our lives, and for the lives of people to come after us:

  • Become a member of the Contempo Marin Homeowners Association ($25)

  • Come to the General meetings ( Email Sign Up )

  • Volunteer

Member Dues:

Homeowners Association dues are $25.00 annually ($12.00 for any with hardship circumstances).

Your cooperation in paying the annual fee is very important. Thank you!

Dues may be paid in any the following ways (if by check please make payable to: CMHOA):

    • Drop your check in the HOA box under the bulletin Board near the west Clubhouse entrance

    • Give your check to any board member at our general meeting

    • Pay online using PayPal Icon below here.