Parking-Towing Incidents

Recording Parking-Towing Incidents at Contempo Marin

As many residents know, ELS has begun enforcing the No Parking on Streets rules. As of February 1st any car found parked on the street may be towed at the owners expense. In addition some residents have been threatened that parts of their current parking areas on their lot do not conform to ELS "rules" and that their cars will be tagged with a seven day notice to be towed. In addition, some residents have also be told/threatened that these parking areas in question will have to be changed to conform to ELS "rules" meaning concrete removed and landscaping put back in. Currently it is the board's position that that there is NO explicit "rule" in their rules and regulations allowing removal of a vehicle on a residents lot unless a) the vehicle is not currently registered or b) it is not in working order. We are also in support of guest parking passes so that visitors of residents can park on the street for a reasonable amount of time without fear of being towed. As this is a contentious issue we want to be able to track all incidents of towing and/or threats to residents regarding their parking areas on their lot. If you have had an incident happen to you please fill out the form below and include details about the incident in the general information. Keep in mind: if you are threatened about getting your car towed that is parked ON your lot, demand to know under which rule number they are basing their threat and include it in the details. It is extremely important we all know what is being said to each resident. Thanks!